Weight Control Blueprint Program

The Ultimate Weight Loss and Nutrition Program 

Learn how to stop the dieting cycle, and become a naturally healthy eater.

Rewire Your Mindset 

Eat because you want to, not as a reaction. Learn our proven method to overcome emotional eating so YOU are in control

Rewire Your Brain

Learn the step by step system to rewire your brain to think like the eater you want to be, then watch your body follow!

Master The Scale

Learn how to use the scale as a tool to predict weight, and make adjustments...not something that makes you cry

When Your Brain is On Board, You Become Unstoppable.

"This is a comprehensive program that addresses the many complicated issues that affect a persons ability to lose weight. It considers the emotional aspects while implementing the appropriate food structure."


If your mindset around food and weight  has been holding you back from long-term success, you need a program that is going to address that problem. No amount of calorie counting or carb cutting will address that

Hi, I'm Michelle,

michelle at nutrishmish
I have helped over 15,000 people lose weight and keep it off. Keeping it off is the key part of that. 95% of people who try to lose by dieting gain it back - but that’s not the bad part. The bad part is when you gain and lose and gain and lose weight over and over, something happens to the way you think about food. When you’re good you are good, but when you are off...oh boy! All the sudden food is on a pedestal (we all want what we can’t have) and your brain starts making connections that can keep you on the dieting hamster wheel for life.

Who This Is For: 

If you always start on Monday (with the "last meal" on Sunday)

If weight loss has been a multi year or lifelong stuggle for you 

If you tend to be all-or-nothing with your eating habits 

If you beat yourself up or make yourself feel guilty when you eat something you feel as though you "shouldn't" have

If you think you are the only one who struggles with this and are passed the point of help 

If you negotiate with yourself around food 

If you closet eat 

If you eat out of emotion 

If you tend to obsess over the scale 

let's look at the results

After Completing this Program:

75% had significantly more control over their eating habits

100% had a better relationship with food

100% lost weight 

100% understood their mindset around food better then ever before

"I am able to own my actions and not hiding the food I eat. I am no longer obsessing over what I’m eating. I’m not holding my breath and clinging to routines to lose and keep weight off."

- Elisa

Here is How It Works: 

12 Weeks of GAME CHANGING mindset breakthroughs, tools for success, and a supportive community for all the accountability you need!

All the deets:

  ♡  Live Welcome Ceremony to get everyone excited!
  ♡  6 Self-Paced Modules to completely change your mindset around food
  ♡  Bi-Weekly Accountability Meetings with Q&As + Hot-seat Coaching
  ♡  Surprise Guest Calls (think live workouts and confidence trainings)
  ♡  1:1 Coaching Session with Mish
  ♡  App Access, Private Support Community, and all that god stuff for accountability. 

Plus, life-time access to all of the recorded meetings and modules!

Date TBD (only happens 2x/year):



 ♡ 12 Week Weight Control Blueprint Course:
 $997 Value
 ♡ Live Trainings + Accountability calls
$500 Value
 ♡  Private Call With Michelle
$100 value
 ♡ Supportive Private Facebook Community 
 ♡ Access to Our App
FOR YOU: $997 

We can't wait for this next round of WCB!

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