Designed to transform anyone into a naturally healthy eater 

Guess what? Dieting doesn’t work. And we took the guess work out of the process by creating a proven system that actually WORKS.

Indulgences recommended & approved!

 (Yep, you get to still have a donut and margaritas!)

Weight Loss shouldn't be complicated!

Program Membership Deets

This program is built for all levels of support. It is meant to be a monthly membership because habits require repetition! 

The first month is where you will be welcomed into the community and given all of the resources and content with lifetime access. After that, it is up to you if you would like to continue monthly (most do, it's worth it) and we hope you do! 

The Investment:

First Month $397 (1:1 Counseling Included)

Monthly Membership $159/mo 
*cancel anytime after the first month

What makes this program different?

Exclusive Nutrishmish Support makes this a game changer

Our Dream Team supports YOU through the process with 1:1 nutrition counseling
Your Nutritionista is a PRO at Designing 
The Perfect Individual Nutrition Philosophy
 Why? There is no one right way to eat, it all depends on your body type, lifestyle, and food preference.
So basically, you get all this information but we don't leave you hangin' without the tools to actually make it work. 
Designing your Nutrition Philosophy makes this program work in YOUR unique lifestyle. 
* and yes, you get support from Michelle as well! You'll see her in the community on Facebook Lives and more. 

Plus new content and resources added frequently with your lifetime access to the content and community. 

First Month $397 (1:1 Counseling Included)
Monthly Membership $159/mo 
*cancel anytime after the first month
let's look at the results
First Month $397 (1:1 Counseling Included)
Monthly Membership $159/mo
*cancel anytime after the first month

All the deets:

A Month of Weekly Counseling Sessions with your Nutritionista to make this program work for YOU!   

 Access to our Meal Generator 

Access to our Indulgence Budget Calculator (yes, a nutrition program where indulging is preferred!)  

Life Time Access to all of the Modules with PDF downloads & bonus resources

Access to Nutrish Mish Recipes (they are easy, yummy, and healthy)  

App Access, Facebook Support Community, and all that good stuff for Accountability.  

Plus, you are given the tools you need to have life-long results!

Success is not measured by weight lost, but by weight KEPT OFF!

Got Questions? Here are some FAQs

How Long is this program?
The first month gives you lifetime access to the content, resources, and your first month of experiencing 1:1 Counseling with Nutrish Mish. We recommend continuing the monthly membership to create life long healthy habits and results.
When can I access the content?
You will gain access when you meet with your Nutritionista! They will guide you through all of the steps moving forward to ensure you have the support and resources you need. 
Can I continue coaching after the first month?
YES! Most of the time we will have clients continue coaching for months or some will stick around for the community.  It all depends on what you need to make eating healthy as easy as brushing your teeth!
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